6 Reasons Dr. Mendoza’s
Patients Keep Coming Back

We are blessed to have patients who have been seeing us for years, and we know it’s not just because of our location/convenience. We know because they tell us!

People choose Kensington Dental first and foremost for Dr. Mendoza’s experience and caring approach, but it goes far beyond that. Our friendly staff does its best to be accommodating and to ensure you always have a pleasant experience. We hope that translates to a dentist appointment you actually WANT to keep!

Here’s what our longtime patients say about the Kensington Dental experience and why they chose to come here:

1. Referrals

We are often impressed and flattered at the good referrals we receive from our patients. Almost all of our first-timers choose us because a friend or family member referred them!

2. Insurance

Here at Kensington Dental Care, we accept most major forms of insurance. That gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your oral health is covered. Couple that with our location/convenience and we think that makes our patients’ lives much easier!

3. The Staff

We hate to pat ourselves on the back, but it’s true: our patients tell us that our friendly staff and the comfortable experience they have is a big part of what keeps them coming back. To that we say thank you!

4. Comfortable Experience

Dr. Mendoza wants his patients to feel safe and comfortable during their visit, which is why his gentle and honest approach is so appreciated. Your comfort is as important to him as your health!

5. Our Location

Our patients are busy people with jobs, families, and a lot happening in their lives. That’s why they appreciate our location/convenience. We are centrally located and accommodating (including when it comes to dental insurance), allowing your appointments to easily fit into your life!

6. Modern Techniques/Technology

From teeth whitening to CEREC one-day crown technology, Dr. Mendoza and the friendly staff at Kensington Dental Care utilize the latest techniques and technology to ensure you get the best treatment possible. And yes, it will be covered by your insurance!

From our location/convenience to our staff, Dr. Mendoza’s caring, honest approach, and the latest in what the dental care field has to offer, it’s no wonder our patients give us so many good referrals and keep coming back over the years – and we are glad they do. 

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