5 Fun Parks Near Kensington to Take Your Dog This Summer

If you live in a beautiful, sunny place like the region around Kensington, CA, you know how great it is to get outside and enjoy the weather.

And it’s even better when you do it with your furry friend!

Thankfully, there is no shortage of fantastic dog parks in our area where you can both get outside, get some activity, meet other pets and owners, and just plain enjoy the amazing area we live in.

Here are five of our favorites.

McLaren Park

75 John F Shelley Dr, San Francisco

Located in Bayview, this is a fenced-in, off-leash park with 10 acres of roaming space for you and your pet, plus over 300 acres outside the dog park section. There are trails and open play areas with four large fields, all easy to access,. There is also a pond area (which is on-leash).

Crissy Field Park

603 Mason St, San Francisco

Even dogs like the beach! This is an off-leash beach area designed specifically for dogs and their human companions. The views are absolutely stunning, and whether your dog likes to run, dig, or swim, they will find a lot to do here. Friendly people, too!

Ocean Beach

1095 Great Hwy, San Francisco

As the name implies, this is another beach park with a generous dog-friendly area. From Stairwell 1 to Stairwell 21, dogs can be off leash and enjoy their time outdoors. Lots of room to roam, with plenty of locals on hand to give you tips about the best areas to let your dog play.

Fort Funston

500 Skyline Blvd, San Francisco

Trails, beach areas, open space and more make this a paradise for dogs! Keep them on a leash in the Bank Swallow habitat, and watch for horses from the nearby horse ranch, otherwise take in the lovely views at one of the region’s nicest dog beaches.

Golden Gate Park

6220 Fulton St, San Francisco

There aren’t many parks as famous as Golden Gate Park, one of the Bay Area’s true gems, and it’s a gem for pet owners and lovers, too! There are four separate off-leash areas, plenty of trails, dog trainers, and more. No shortage of furry fun to be had here!

Getting outdoors with your dog is good for your dog and good for you – and if you live in or near Kensington and the surrounding area, it’s easy to find great places to do it!