5 Fantastic Pizza Restaurants In Berkeley the Family Will Love

When you think of pizza you may not think about the west coast, but those of us who live here know better. Our area has some fantastic specialty pizza. From gourmet pies to twists on the traditional, Berkeley has some great pizza to dive into.

You want to treat yourself and the family? Here are five of our favorites.


2200 Oxford St, Berkeley

This is a great all-around lunch place with an eclectic menu of gourmet items, but we’re going to focus on their pizza: it’s great! Non-traditional specialty pie unlike what you’d expect, and that’s what makes it memorable. We recommend the asparagus pie!

Cheeseboard Pizza

1504 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

This is a tiny place that gets lines out the door for good reason: their food is AMAZING. Terrific vegetarian pies, great specialty pies, good traditional stuff, and LOADS of options. You really can’t go wrong here. It may be tough to get in with the family, but it’s worth the wait!


2132 Center St, Berkeley

Most things in Berkley lean towards the non-traditional, but Sliver keeps things closer to what you tend to expect with a delicious take on pizza the kids will love. Tasty stuff, gooey cheese and great toppings, with handmade crust. It’s fantastic stuff!

Zachary's Chicago Pizza

1853 Solano Ave, Berkeley

There are two main schools of thought when it comes to pizza: New York style and Chicago style. As the name implies, Zachary's deals with the latter, which means thick crusts, thick dough, and big thick delicious chewy goodness. If you want to fill your belly, you can’t go wrong here!

Artichoke Basille's Pizza

2590 Durant Ave, Berkeley

If Zachary's does Chicago style, Artichoke Basille's aims for New York (with a lot of Sicilian thrown in for good measure). It’s not strictly traditional, though, with plenty of gourmet options available, specialty pies, and more. No matter what you like, you’ll probably find it here!

We know a lot of you out there love pizza and probably know of a few good choices that we missed. Have any other suggestions for pizza joints in or near Berkeley? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear about them so we can go check them out.