5 Great Charitable Organizations Near Kensington That Deserve Your Support

‘Tis the season for giving, and there are a lot of worthy organizations in the region worth giving to.

In the spirit of helping out those who need it, we thought we’d share five great organizations who deserve your support this holiday season.

And believe us, we know there are MANY more, so tell us about them in the comments on Facebook!

Habitot Children’s Museum

(Yes, that spelling is correct!) A hands-on museum that allows children to come in and learn in a fun, enjoyable environment. It looks like play, but it’s much more than that. It’s about education in a way that kids actually ENJOY. They’ve won awards for good reason! They do need help to expand, though. Learn more about what they’ve done for the community and how you can help here: http://www.habitot.org/

The Pollination Project

On the surface this one sounds a little unusual – it’s a charitable organization based in Berkeley that doesn’t focus on any one specific goal or need – but look a little closer and you’ll see the good they do. They have given out nearly 3,000 seed grants in over 100 different countries, with the goal of helping new and small organizations and groups improve their communities. These grants are small, usually $1,000, but they can make a big impact. Learn more about them at https://thepollinationproject.org/


Anyone living in our area knows how important the environment is. Seacology takes a specific focus with their environmental mission, working to save and preserve island ecosystems across the world. And they’re not just about the environment of those islands. They also work to preserve the unique cultures that have developed on those islands, too. If you want to learn why they’ve chosen such a unique focus, visit https://www.seacology.org/

Cal Shakes

 We all need the arts! The California Shakespeare Theater, affectionately known as Cal Shakes, is a beloved local institution because of what they bring to the community. One of their goals is to bring the theater to people who normally don’t experience it, and that is commendable. Learn more about them (and get tickets to a show) here: http://www.calshakes.org/

Red Rover

Everyone loves helping animals, and thankfully there are many great charities designed to do exactly that. There are far too many to list, and most of them are worthy of your support. For this article, we’ll give some attention to Red Rover. Based in Sacramento, Red Rover focuses on animals rescued from disasters, neglect, and homes with domestic violence. These furry friends need a home! Find out how you can help here at https://redrover.org/

The time to give is all year ‘round, but now more than ever, think about helping organizations that make the world better. We know there are MANY more, so tell us about them in the comments on Facebook!