5 Stunning California State Parks near Kensington for Summer Adventures

There are many things we love about being in Kensington, but one of the things we love most is the amazing access we have to truly stunning state parks.

We have many fantastic local and county parks, too, but in many ways the state parks are the crowning jewels of the area. Here are five you HAVE to visit this summer:

Mount Diablo State Park

A whopping 20,000 acres comprised of 38 preserves, with an even larger 90,000 acres total on or around Mount Diablo, this state park and its surrounding lands offers stunning views, fantastic hiking, some of the best camping in the area, and plenty of history.

It’s a short drive from Kensington, and the fact that the mountain has one of the best viewsheds in the western U.S. makes it a great destination for anyone who wants their jaw dropped. The Diablo Valley Overlook is a must-see!



Crown Memorial State Beach

When you hear the word “beach” you probably conjure up images of fun in the sun, surf and sand, but Crown Memorial State Beach is something different.

This historic park looking out over the San Francisco Bay features a bird sanctuary, lovely trails, boating and board sports, and picnicking. And yes, of course there is swimming, too!

McLaughlin Eastshore State Park

One of the most gorgeous destinations on the San Francisco Bay and a testament to the power of open space preservation, the McLaughlin Eastshore State Park boasts 8.5 miles of shoreline and over 1,800 acres of uplands – and it’s all beautiful.

Trails for hikers and bikes crisscross the entire park, offering spectacular views of the bay and summer day you’ll never forget.

Mount Tamalpais State Park

Rising up out of Marin County just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, climbing to a height of nearly 2,600 feet and boasting views that stretch all the way out of the Farallon Island, Mount Tamalpais State Park is a local treasure with plenty to do.

After you’re done at the visitor’s center up top, see what plays and programs are taking place at the Mountain Theater down below. You can even camp for the weekend in rustic old cabins.

San Bruno Mountain State Park

This unique open space on the peninsula is over 2,400 acres strong, with rugged landscapes, excellent trails, endangered wildlife, and much more. Its unique location means it can be cool here even in the summer, sometimes even downright chilly, which makes hiking here a great choice for the adventurous.