4 Spots Near Kensington to Enjoy the Outdoors This Spring

We may be a small little community – that’s one of the reasons why we enjoy having our offices here – but that doesn’t mean we don’t have access to a wealth of things to see and do.

When the weather is warm this April, get your shoes on and make your way to one of these five outdoor attractions. They’ll be a great reminder of what a cool area this is:


Blake Garden, 70 Rincon Rd., Kensington

The Blake Garden at the University of California is a 10-acre public garden with fantastic views of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge, along with dozens of varieties of flora.

The gorgeous designs and careful maintenance are impressive all on their own. Add the strong educational factor that is at the heart of the Garden and you have something truly special.

The Garden has been here since the 1920s and is open to the public Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Indian Rock Park, 950 Indian Rock Ave., Berkeley

A stunning three-story high rock with steps carved in it, Indian Rock Park provides hikers with stunning views and a very satisfying rest at the top.

Parking can be frustrating, but relaxing with others at the top to see the sunset is a nice experience. There are also great spots to practice rock climbing. A great, quick day trip for locals!

Tilden Regional Park Little Farm, Central Park Dr., Berkeley

How does FREE sound? Pretty nice, we’re sure! The Tilden Regional Park Little Farm is a great place to take the family. Here they can visit with and interact with a wide variety of farm animals, from chickens and cows to goats and sheep and more.

Hand feed them with your own vegetables, learn a little about nature, and just plain have a good time. The animals are healthy and well cared for, the facilities are clean, clean bathrooms, and plenty of parking. Good afternoon escape with the young ones!


Solano Avenue, Berkeley

Berkeley is a lovely community, and few areas make for a nicer spot to spend an afternoon than Solano Avenue. The business district here is lined with shops, cafes, places to eat, places to see art, and more.

Take a stroll, ride a bike, have a drink, do some shopping. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks to the Solano Avenue Association, they host a number of community events here throughout the year. Keep your eyes open for them!