5 Famous Folks You May Not Realize Grew Up Near Kensington

Living and working in the Bay Area, it’s no surprise that some famous faces have passed through the neighborhood. It’s the California coast, after all!

Kensington is a tiny unincorporated community, but hop next door to Berkeley and you’ll find that some very interesting people have grown up here. Here are a few of them!

Rebecca Romijn

This beautiful actress is known for fan favorite roles in movies such as the X-Men series and shows like The Librarians, but she probably wasn’t having action-filled adventures in Berkeley, where she was born and raised – though we could be wrong about that. Berkeley can be a crazy town, after all!


Philip K. Dick

Even if you don’t know Philip K. Dick’s name, you know his work. A graduate of Berkeley High School, Dick was a somewhat obscure science fiction writer for many years, then people started to take note. Soon his work began to reshape the mainstream. His stories have been adapted into movies like Blade Runner, Minority Report, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, and others. The late PKD is now one of the most influential science fiction writers of the last 50 years!

Billy Martin

Billy Martin was a baseball legends thanks to his fiery temperament and competitive spirit. When you hear the name you probably think of New York – after all, he played for the Yankees dynasties of the 1950s, and then managed to the team to more World Series wins in the 1970s – but Billy is actually a Berkeley guy, born and raised.

Ben Affleck

We don’t need to tell you who this guy is! People often associate Ben Affleck with Boston, in no small part thanks to Good Will Hunting and his close friendship with Matt Damon, but Affleck was born in Berkeley. He’s a California guy through and through.

Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island

If you’ve spent more than three minutes on the Internet, you know Andy Samberg and his partners in crime in The Lonely Island, Akiva Schaffer and Joma Tacconne. As a Saturday Night Live alum and one of the brains behind The Lonely Island, you wouldn’t have seen Natalie Portman do crude rap songs or Justin Timberlake make fun of himself without Samberg’s music-focused skits. It’s funny stuff (but not for the kids!).

We know there are PLENTY more big names who have come out of Kensington and the surrounding area, s tell us who we missed in the Facebook comments!