14 Screen Icons Famous For Their Smile

You don’t get to be a star of the silver screen without a winning smile, and that’s saying something, because here in California we have a LOT of winning smiles.

A nice smile isn’t enough, either. It’s got to be distinctive. It’s got to stand out from the crowd. It’s got to be recognizable.

We think that you’ll agree that when it comes to these 14 stars, their smiles are a big part of what makes them stand out. We bet their dentists are proud!

1. Julia Roberts – The “Pretty Woman” has one of the distinctive smiles in Hollywood, with a set if pearly whites that have helped make her a true icon.

2. Gary Busey – The eccentric Gary Busey has a BIG smile that makes him truly stand out. In fact, after a motorcycle accident in 1988, he had his dentists replace his damaged teeth with extra large veneers in order to maintain that distinctive smile.

3. Rita Hayworth – This redhead bombshell from the classic era of Hollywood had a dazzling smile and sensual appeal that made her an icon who is still beloved today.

4. Cary Grant – The classic film star was one of the most popular heartthrobs of his time thanks in part to his radiant smile.

5. Steve Buscemi – Buscemi makes his unconventional smile work for him. His amazing talent has been the key to his success, along with being one of the most likeable people in Hollywood.

6. Will Smith – Few actors are bigger than Will Smith, thanks in part to a winning smile that is recognized the world over.

7. Christie Brinkley – She was one of the most beautiful women of the 1980s and still is, thanks in no small part thanks to her charismatic smile.

8. Anna Paquin –Paquin’s gap-toothed smile has become a signature part of her look, making this True Blood actress stand out from the crowd and win legions of adoring fans.

9. Jim Carrey – Carrey’s elastic face has made millions laugh, but it’s not all goofy faces for Carrey. The man actually has a winning smile, too, which probably helped him become a superstar.

10. Audrey Hepburn – One of the most giving, kind women in Hollywood history may have also had the most lovely smile in Hollywood history, too, making her a true icon for anyone talking about famous distinctive smiles.

11. Jack Nicholson – Jack’s smile seems to have a sinister edge to it, which is what makes it so distinctive. He knows how to make it work for him, too, which is why he’s a screen legend.

12. Clint Howard – Clint Howard has had more roles than most actors can ever dream of. That’s thanks in part to him embracing his distinctive look and learning to make it work for him. He fits this list because when it comes to smiles, no one can forget Clint’s!

13. Farrah Fawcett – Her long blonde hair shown off when she was one of Charlie’s Angels made her famous, but her it’s the big, bright smile that kept her famous!

14. Morgan Freeman – Everyone imitates his manner of speaking, but think about it and you’ll realized that a lot of Freeman’s presence comes thanks to his distinctive smile

As these 15 stars indicate, a great smile – and a great dentist to help you maintain it – can go a long way towards getting people to notice you. Happy brushing!